HHC Gummies

HHC gummies make for a delectable candy that has a potent power just waiting to be unleashed! Just one HHC gummy before an evening out can take your night from good to great; before you even know what hit you, this gummy will have you grabbing life by the horns. Explore new sensations and revel in euphoric feelings only known to the chosen who get their hands on this exciting product.

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So, HHC gummies were first produced in 1944 when chemist Roger Adams hydrogenated a sample of delta-9 THC; HHC is just now making its way to vendors’ and consumers’ ears.

By incorporating hydrogen molecules, the THC was changed into the more stable and heat- and light-resistant HHC.

Adams produced his HHC at the time using THC, but today we can complete the hydrogenation process using industrial hemp, which is both low in THC and legally grown in the United States.


HHC gummies are a tasty treat with tremendous power, just waiting to be released! Just one HHC gummy before a night out may transform your night from good to spectacular; before you know what hit you, you’ll be grabbing life by the horns. Discover new emotions and relish in ecstatic experiences only known to the select few that obtain this fantastic product.

One of these exciting discoveries is the discovery of a cannabinoid known as Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). HHC is a cannabinoid typically present in hemp plant seeds and pollen. HHC is legal in the United States since it is produced from hemp rather than marijuana. Hemp-based products (including those sold by Exhale Wellness) are legally lawful and subject to Food and Drug Administration restrictions (FDA).

Ready to rediscover your passion for gummies?

No matter where you are, you may take advantage of all the advantages of HHC by eating HHC gummies. In the cannabis industry, gummies are nothing new, but they never become stale. HHC gummies are gummy candies that have been infused with HHC. They are chewy, bouncy, and have a sweet, fruity flavor. This proves they are rich in taste and come in wide varieties and options to choose from!

How is HHC produced?

To further on how HHC is created, it should be noted that since it is created in a laboratory from an organic source—in this case, industrial hemp—it is often recognized as semi-synthetic.

Specific cannabinoids are separated from sorted hemp molecules to start this process of converting them into HHC. 

Before being catalyzed with a metal like platinum or palladium, which is then eliminated, these cannabinoids are first supplied with a precise amount of hydrogen.

The compound’s reaction is sped up in the presence of this catalyst without being harmed. The chemical compound will change into HHC after this process is finished.

How Does HHC Impact Me?

Most HHC users have stated that delta-9, the THC isomer most frequently found in marijuana, is highly similar to the effects of HHC. HHC is a psychoactive substance that can provide a rush of exhilaration and a high.

Anecdotally, numerous users have stated that HHC helped them fall asleep more easily, manage stress, and relieve pain. It is found to be more stable and provides numerous benefits. Many people have also claimed that HHC helps stimulate appetite, similar to how delta-9 does, which may be advantageous for those who struggle to eat consistently throughout the day. It has proven to be precisely what it has claimed to be!

HHC Potency: How Much?

For most commercially available cannabinoids, we have a good notion of their potency; for example, we know that delta-8 and delta-10 are around half as potent as delta-9. However, HHC has not yet reached that point. 

Providing you the reason,

This is because, when cannabinoids are present, HHC molecules often come in two varieties: 9R, which can attach to body receptors, and 9S, which cannot. In other words, too many 9S molecules in an HHC product may reduce its effectiveness. 

Furthermore, HHC doesn’t seem as powerful as delta-9, but if enough consumers use it, they will start to experience a high level similar to delta-9. To put it another way, HHC may give users an experience strikingly similar to delta-9, but doing so would require a higher dosage. The consensus is that HHC may be up to 80% as potent as THC.