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Sore Throat After Smoking? [Here’s the Solution]

Buy Weed Online Pyrmont Sydney Order Marijuana Online In Surry Hills Sydney Australia Cannabis Delivery In Alexandria Sydney Dope For Sale In Sydney Best Ganja Dispensary In Sydney Australia. If you’ve made your way to this article, you probably love cannabis as much as we do. From the excitement of browsing thousands of unique strains and the anticipation of each strain’s unique high, marijuana is simply a wonderful thing. However, similar to smoking a cigarette or cigar, smoking marijuana often leads to a sore and irritated throat. This makes smoking significantly less enjoyable. Buy Delta-8 THC Cartridges Online In Sydney Australia

Although it is easy enough in most cases to smoke through a sore throat, nobody wants their experience ruined by such irritations. To help, we’ve come up with six solutions to help get rid of a sore throat from smoking cannabis. The next time you’re faced with a raspy voice, a frustrating cough, or a dry, sore throat after a good sesh – you’ll know what to do! Buy Weed Online Pyrmont Sydney

Can Marijuana Cause a Sore Throat?

The quick answer here is yes. Although inhaled cannabis can provide innumerable health benefits, the smoke itself is always going to be an irritant on the soft tissue linings of the respiratory system – that much is unavoidable. Inhaling smoke exposes the pharynx (throat) and trachea to hot, combusted plant material, and if you overdo it, you could be left with an annoying sore throat. (Why do you think you sometimes have coughing fits after a big inhale!?) Best Marijuana Dispensary In Australia

This is true even if you use a device like a vape or a bong. Even though we still have much to learn about the long-term risks involved in vaping and smoking, it’s a simple fact that the inhaled smoke (or vapor) irritates the back of the throat. Buy Weed Online Pyrmont Sydney

Of course, everyone out there is different. Seasoned cannabis users that have been smoking for years, for example, likely have a pharynx that’s become mostly resistant to inhaled smoke and vapor. If you’re new to smoking, on the other hand, stick with us to learn six easy ways you can help get rid of a sore post-weed throat! Buy Weed Online In Kings Cross Sydney Australia

#1. H2O – Of course!

Let’s start with the most obvious one, and probably the one that most people still fail to do. Staying hydrated is always important, but if you plan on smoking, whether it is just a little pick me up or an entire evening of smoking, it’s especially useful to stay hydrated with water.

Drinking water is free, it’s astonishingly easy, and there is nothing more beneficial for you when combating that pesky cannabis-induced dry mouth. Trust us when we say that drinking a healthy amount of water before, during, and after smoking will help your throat stay thoroughly moist and well-lubricated. Best Place To Mail Order Anxiety Medications Online Safely Without Prescriptions

#2. Enjoy Soothing Foods

When we’re sick, we often get our family and friends to cook us chicken noodle soup and dote on us with ice cream and tea. The point is, soothing foods can aid a sore throat – even when the cause isn’t an illness but rather a side effect of cannabis. Buy Big Chief Carts Online In Pyrmont Sydney Australia

This tip is doubly beneficial because what do we love more than eating culinary delights while flying high? Stock your fridge with your favorite warm foods, like soups. As mentioned earlier, warm liquids are more soothing to a sore throat than cold ones. Safe Tramadol For Sale 

#3. The Saltwater Gargle

Another oldie-but-goodie is the old-school saltwater gargle. Yes, this is usually reserved for the sick or those with a throat infection. But actually, gargling salt water can ease a very sore throat in the same way it could if you were genuinely ill.

Gargling salt water can ease a very sore throat in the same way it could if you were genuinely ill.

Don’t get us wrong, swilling salty water around your mouth is kind of gross at the best of times, but with your taste buds ramped up to 11 while you’re high, it is bound to be disgusting! However, in the name of relief, it can and does help, especially if you put the salt into lukewarm water rather than cold.

#4. Inject Some Moisture into the Air

Where do you like to enjoy your pot? Are you an outdoor smoker, or do you prefer to draw the curtains and hide away indoors? It may not seem like it, but your location can have a significant impact on how sore your throat gets from smoking weed. Buy Alien OG Online In Sydney Australia

If you are more of an indoor type, we recommend investing in a vaporizer or humidifier, which will help inject a little moisture into surrounding hot, dry air. Without it, you can unknowingly subject your throat to excess heat and dryness, which are some of the main culprits of a sore throat.

#5. Take a Step Back

Okay, so you may not like this one – but we have a valid point. If you are smoking weed a lot and you suffer from a sore throat, it may be worth taking an abstinence break.

This is an unpopular opinion, we know. But the fact is, subjecting your throat to persistently harsh substances will prevent your throat from recovering. And in severe cases, it could even lead to serious long-term issues such as bronchitis.

Simply taking a few days off will help your throat recover, and it will make your next cannabis experience one you’ll truly enjoy to its full potential!

#6. Explore Your Options

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly – we advise anybody struggling with a persistent sore throat from smoking weed to simple explore your options. By this, we mean listening to what your body is trying to tell you. If you’ve got a raspy, irritated throat after solid sesh, and you’re randomly craving a pineapple or something citrusy – go for it! Buy Cheap Hash Online In Pyrmont Sydney Australia

Everybody’s internal body chemistry is different, and while one person may be able to smoke back-to-back-to-back joints without issue, the next may struggle after just a couple of tokes. So it definitely pays to see what options work for you personally. Buy Delya-8 THC Disposable Carts Online In Sydney Australia

Also, if you simply can’t seem to get away from a sore throat after smoking, you may want to consider an alternative form of consumption. Here are a few options:

Vaping: Yes, we mentioned earlier in the article that vaping can cause an irritated throat just like smoking. But the reality is, vapor is cooler and often far less harsh on the respiratory soft tissue than combusted smoke. Vaping can also be an easier, more discreet way of enjoying both THC and CBD, and quality vape liquids often come in a range of delicious flavors and terpene profiles. Another great thing about vaping is that it cools the air down before it hits your throat, and you can choose from dozens of designs and styles to really customize your experience. Buy HHC Gummies Online In Pyrmont Sydney Australia

Edibles: If you don’t fancy smoking at all, edibles can be a great way to get high or medicate without the harshness of smoke or inhaling anything. While edibles take a little while longer for the effects to kick in, they can provide a far more enjoyable experience if you routinley struggle with a sore throat or other respiratory issues. Buy Bruce Banner Weed Online In Sydney Australia

Alternatives to smoking such as vaporizers, edibles, patches, and tinctures, are a good option for people that persistently suffer from sore throats.

These are just a few ways to explore different avenues with your weed. Of course, there are other alternatives such as patches and tinctures – so shop around if you find yourself continuing to struggle.

Final Thoughts on Treating Your Sore Throat After Smoking Weed

Okay, you’ve made it this far–but we want to know, have you already tried out any of these methods, or are these new to you? Or better yet, do you have any sore throat solutions of your own? If so, let us know down in the comments! How do you ease a cannabis-induced sore throat? And what is your favorite way of consuming cannabis? Buy Weed Online Pyrmont Sydney

Lastly, as a parting word of advice, always remember to listen to your body and treat it with respect. Your body knows what it wants and what it needs, and when you pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you, you’ll find that your cannabis experiences will be far more enjoyable! Buy Pills Online Without Prescriptions

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