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Medical Cannabis In Australia

Medicinal Cannabis for Chronic Pain: What do members think?

Medical Cannabis In Australia 

While medicinal cannabis is being touted by some as a ‘safe’ alternative to opioids for chronic pain, and also as a remedy for other ailments such as epilepsy and useful in palliative care, the jury is still out when it comes to an evidence-based platform for these claims. Medical Cannabis In Australia 

With little data about dosages and methods of administration to achieve a required effect, insufficient long-term clinical studies and limited knowledge of side-effects when used for medical purposes, there is reason to be cautious about the benefits of medicinal cannabis for chronic pain. Medical Cannabis In Australia 

This was the firm message delivered at the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recent seminar on medicinal cannabis, which was attended by representatives from leading health organisations and professional bodies, including Painaustralia CEO Carol Bennett and Policy Officer Louise Moes. Buy CBD Oils Online In Australia

Despite the lack of evidence, however, there is a growing body of anectodal evidence and consumer stories suggesting it can be effective in reducing symptoms of chronic pain, particularly for the most severe cases of pain where other treatments have failed. Buy Bruce Banner Strain Online In Australia

Currently individuals who wish to use medicinal cannabis for chronic pain are able to access it through the TGA’s Special Access Scheme.  According to the TGA, there have been 136 cases approved through this scheme to date. Buy HHC Gummies Online In Australia

Cannabis is still illegal for non-medical purposes and its cultivation for medicinal or scientific purposes is strictly controlled under the Australian Government’s licensing scheme, which came into effect on 30 October 2016. Buy Pills Online Without Prescriptions

The TGA is currently developing guidelines for medical practitioners on the prescribing of medicinal cannabis, which will be released by the end of the year. Buy Amnesia Haze Online In Melbourne Australia

Painaustralia is keen to provide input into this process on behalf of our members and stakeholders, and we have developed a member survey to hear your views.   Buy Alien OG Online In NSW

To ensure you are represented in our submission, we invite you to complete the online survey by 13 October 2017.  There is the option to remain anonymous if you wish. Marijuana For Anxiety In Australia

You can find the online survey here: Medicinal cannabis survey



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